MCj03892260000[1]ARE WE TOXIC?

In November 2005, an environmental watch group, Environmental Defence, released its findings after testing several Canadians for toxic chemicals.  Their findings were alarming.  All the volunteers they tested had some or all of these toxic substances: heavy metals, PCB’s, pesticides, insecticides, volatile organic chemicals. 


This study can be criticized because it involved only 11 people.  A good study should involve a larger group of people to be considered valid.  However, there is evidence in the report, “Toxic Nation: A Report on Pollution in Canadians,” that indicates we should be concerned.  Most study participants do not smoke, many eat organic food, and most have a low-chemical life. Yet all had a minimum of 32 of 88 toxins tested.  The First Nations participant had the highest levels of mercury, PCB’s and pesticides. PCB’s were banned in the 1970’s, but because it is capable of staying in the environment (soil and water), even those born in the 1980’s tested for PCB’s.


The report states: “Canadian companies release many of the chemicals for which the study tested.  Scientific research links exposure to toxic chemicals to many ailments that have been increasing in Canadians in recent decades including several forms of cancer, reproductive disorders, birth defects, asthma and neurodevelopmental disorders.”  


Health E Guide Comment: The presence of toxins in the body is of concern, but the key question is whether they are upsetting the body’s homeostasis or causing physical damage to tissues and cellular metabolism.  A Holistic Nutrition Assessment from Health E Guide includes consideration of the toxicity from heavy metals such as mercury, aluminum and lead and natural approaches to address it.  For group presentations check the Health E Guide seminar “Detoxifying your Diet”