“Low intake of vitamins can increase the risk of chronic diseases,” say researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health.  In 2002, their review of 36 years of research determined that most people in North America had low intake of vitamins and minerals. They concluded that levels were low enough to increase their risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer and osteoporosis.  They recommended that all adults should take a daily multivitamin/mineral.


This is good general health advice.  But a daily multivitamin/mineral supplement may not be sufficient for people in situations, such as:

·       Compromised immune system from illness or disease - e.g. viruses, bacterial infections, chronic illnesses

·       Toxic accumulation from over exposure to noxious chemicals (e.g. cigarette smoking, environmental chemicals)

·       Dysfunction in digestion or metabolism (e.g. irritable bowel, diabetes)

·       “Busy-ness” can lead to over reliance on convenience foods that are less nutritious. Over time nutrient deficiencies can develop.  


If these situations apply to you, then you would benefit from some additional supplements beyond your multiple vitamin/mineral.  But which supplements?  How much do you need?  Then there is the number of different brands and supplement formulas. Which supplement formula is best for you?  


These questions can be answered through a Holistic Health Assessment that includes a comprehensive evaluation of current diet, health history, symptoms and a Bio Energetic Evaluation. All this information is taken into consideration to determine if you may be deficient. Your current supplements can also be assessed to determine if they are benefiting you. A protocol for diet and supplements is then formulated to suit your needs.