Saturated fats in meat have been blamed for serious health issues such as cancer, but recent research does not support this connection.

       A study released in September 2007 at University of Hawaii found no relationship between consumption of animal fat and the development of prostate cancer. The researchers found a mild positive impact from consumption of Omega 3 fatty acids.

       In 2001, researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health reviewed 8 major studies and found only a weak association between breast cancer risk and consumption of any kind of fat.


HEALTH E GUIDE COMMENT: These findings do not provide a clear answer to the role of fats in cancer risk. This is most likely because our diets consist of a variety of foods and food additives (unless diet is totally natural). Another potential problem is that the sources of meat and its quality is not considered. In holistic nutrition, the quality of food is an important consideration. Not all fats and proteins are of equal nutritional value. Drug free and organic fats and meats are one way to improve nutrition from diet. A Holistic Health Assessment from Health E Guide can determine if your health may have been affected by dietary habits with low quality fats and proteins.