Healthy Eating Can Be Fun


There is a widespread notion that eating healthy is boring.  People think that eating healthy means bland and uninteresting food. My clients often fear that I will make them change their diet drastically and give up all their favourite foods. 


The truth is that eating healthy can be interesting and very tasty.  Two instances come to mind.  A few years ago I made a nutrition presentation to a cub pack. I know the best approach with kids is to feed them, so I prepared a fruit smoothie made from plain yogurt and a couple of whole fruits.  Their reaction was amazing – they all wanted more. I had to make a second batch to keep up with the demand.  There was no sugar in this concoction.  You would have thought it was ice cream from the way those boys went for this “treat.”


This leads me to my second instance, which actually happens all the time.  When my clients reduce their intake of sugary foods, they find that they start to enjoy simpler foods more, such as whole fruits, nuts and seeds.  Cakes and cookies start to taste too sweet.  Once sugar is reduced, they desire it less.  What they believed to be favourite foods are  replaced with healthier choices without deprivation.


These are just a two examples of how to make healthy eating more attractive. There are many more. Some of these would be specific to address individual health issues and result from a one to one consultation.  But the good news is that healthy eating does not have to be boring. You CAN make your diet more nutritious and not miss out on all the fun.