Organic Perversions


When I promote organic food, someone invariably challenges me about the benefits of organic – that it is not much better than chemical agriculture.  I believe in the superiority of organic food, but also have to raise the alarm about the perversion of organic in the marketplace.  Given the money that people are willing to pay for organic food, it seems that some companies are weakening their organic standards in order to increase profits. 


As more and more retailers and food manufacturers respond to consumers who demand organic, we must be discriminating about the terms “organic” and “natural.”  Organic meats may well come from a corporate feedlot, which goes against the organic standard of respect for livestock. Large food retailers have developed their own organic labels.  Somehow the word “organic” on a box of cookies or macaroni and cheese (both heavily processed foods) goes against the organic vision.   Organic growing standards for fruits and vegetables may also be lower in other countries like Mexico and Chile.


Health E Guide Recommendation:  As consumers it will be very difficult to tell what is truly organic. Try to buy local organic fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry.  During the winter months, when most of our fresh produce is imported, this is more difficult. Another option is to shop at smaller health stores.