In spring time, many people think about spring cleaning their houses.  It’s also a good time to consider spring cleaning our bodies.  Both types of cleansing bring benefits to our lives.    


There are signs and symptoms in our bodies that indicates the need for a cleanse.  These signs are very similar to the signs that the house needs spring cleaning.   A few examples of this are:


1. Odours in the rug or curtains.  In our bodies, this relates to bad breath or foul “southerly” wind

2. Dirty windows.  In our bodies, this relates to foggy thinking, poor memory or apathy

3. Clutter in closets.   In our bodies this is akin to sluggish or irregular bowels indicating a build up of toxic materials.


The analogies don’t stop there.  When we spring clean the house, it can stir up dust and create some temporary disarray.  Bodies are the same.  Cleansing can bring on some unpleasant reactions, which should be temporary but are also a good sign that toxins are being eliminated.  The benefits of body cleansing include improved energy, improved digestion and improved mental alertness.


The two main challenges with cleansing is determining which type of cleanse to undertake (there are several types), and understanding the cleanse symptoms - how much should be tolerated?   People with health problems and/or taking prescription medications should never undertake cleanses without professional advice and supervision.  Selecting the right cleanse for each individual’s needs is one of the key services provided by Health E Guide.  Assessment of symptoms, health history and bio energy are all used to determine if a cleanse is needed and, which type is best for your individual needs.