People who consult me for weight loss usually fall into one of two groups. One group believes they are overweight because they are weak willed – unable to resist sweets and snack foods.  The other group have followed strict diets and exercised and still struggled to lose weight.  People in both groups share a common problem: they have an unidentified “barrier” to a healthy weight.  These “barriers” are defined as something about a person’s health history, past diet, current lifestyle and physiology that interferes with healthy body functioning, typified by overweight.


Because these barriers are not always considered, there are a lot of frustrated dieters who blame themselves, or worse, have given up trying.  Some of unrecognized barriers to a healthy weight include:

1.       Extreme low calorie diets can lead to rapid weight loss but then interfere with the ability to lose weight in the future.

2.       Poor food quality – Many processed foods not healthy. For example, artificial sweeteners can trigger overeating.

3.       Food sensitivities/intolerances – Unrecognized sensitivities will interfere with digestion and promote weight gain.

4.       Medications – Some medications affect metabolism and make it more difficult to lose weight

5.       Prolonged stress – This puts a strain on the hormone system which directs the metabolism. Stress can also trigger emotional eating


At Health E Guide, we know that successful and healthy weight loss relies on an understanding of individual barriers.  Services include one to one counseling, group courses and seminars. Our Holistic Weight and Wellness Program includes an in-depth individual health assessment, individualized programs and strategies to address your barriers to weight loss.  The program is offered in both group and individual formats in either 4 or 8 session course.